Rules and regulations when using the Pet Courier


Please ensure fruit - seed - water etc is supplied in cages ready to travel.
NO PLASTIC CAGES LIKE VOYAGERS FOR ANY PARROTS WITH HOOKED BEAKS - If you transport parrots in cages that we have stated not to use they will be rejected to go on the bus.
We do have cages set up for birds, but it is advised and preferred by us that you supply the birds in a secure cage or wooden box ready for transport - This saves stress on the birds being transferred at both ends from cage to cage, also the risk of birds biting and escaping while being transferred.
Cages supplied with birds in ready for transport must be of strong and good quality we take no responsibility for birds escaping out of improper cages or cages falling to bits.
No cardboard boxes will be accepted on the Bus for hook-beaked birds to travel in - please cage birds in proper cages if you require cage hire, you must advise us on the booking form, we only have a limited number of cage hires available.


All dogs must have non slip collars on before they enter the bus, all vaccinations to be up to date and vaccination cert to accompany dog or photo copy.
Please do not worm your dog prior to travel, please do this a week before he/she is due to travel.
Please advise us of any issues the dog may have, health and temperament.
Food to be supplied for dogs journey.
Any luggage - please ensure it is boxed or bag securely and named - limited amount as a charge will be added if alot of luggage.


All puppies must be vaccinated prior to traveling on the Bus, Vet vaccination certificates must accompany puppy or a photo copy.
Pups must be weaned and 8 weeks old before travel please.
PLEASE do not worm your puppy prior to transport please do this a week prior to travel, this isn't fair on us or the puppy.
PLEASE ensure your puppy is not carrying fleas before it travels, ensure you inspect prior to travel.
Food to be supplied for the journey.
Any luggage - please ensure it is boxed or bag securely and named - limited amount as a charge will be added if alot of luggage.


All poultry that is boxed ready to transport must have a water container tied in a corner of the box and a food container in another corner, if we have to do this while on the road we will charge fee.
Boxes are to be of good strong quality.
Boxes must be lined with a plastic sheet and sawdust or hay to absorb moisture.
Food to be supplied for transport.
Any boxes that fall to bits while in transit and we have to crate up will occur the cost of crate hire


Rabbits should be vaccinated against RCD and come from a rabbitry RCD FREE.
We supply crates for rabbits to travel in and use hay, please state if you wish no hay to be used.
Food to be supplied for travel of the rabbit, any other food for change over for new owners please post if possible and any paper work for the rabbits.